What Should You Know about Philosophy of Zen

In our everyday lives, we regularly hurry through errands, attempting to accomplish them, attempting to complete as much as we can every day, speeding along in our autos to our next destination, racing to do what we have to do there, and afterward leaving so we can speed to our next destination. Lamentably, it is […]

How to Live a Healthy Life

If you want to live a healthy life by following Zen living, then you have to follow some rules that can make your life easier How to live a healthy life Consider what is important. There is little in a Zen friar’s life that is a bit much. Having more shoes, stylish attire, the most […]

The Secrets of Zen Living

Zen is not enchantment or mysticism. It is not even a religion, it is to a greater extent a reasoning or focus system. You don’t have to be religious to practice Zen. You do not have to be a military craftsman or a friar either. It is not going to permit you to stroll on […]

Zen and the Art Of Making A Living

Zen is a reflective practice that grew in India and China as a component of the 2,500 year old custom built up by Siddhattha Gotama. He came to be known as the “Buddha”, which essentially signifies stirred. He lived as well as died as a human, not as a divine being to be adored. Chan […]